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Creative and inspired offerings from the Church of Yoga Team to ignite your imagination and fire up your SPIRIT!


6:00 - 7:15pm

  • The Church of Yoga

Open Flow: Reggae Dancehall Edition

Join us for a tribute to the powerful influence reggae music has on the world, and how it helps us to cultivate a One Love spirit. Faith will have you dancing, grooving, and feeling HIGH vibrations pour through. Bring an open heart and be prepared to set your spirit FREE!

Sliding Scale Pricing $10-$20

All are welcome.

Faith Hunter


1:00 pm

  • $40/yogi

Circle of Healing: Race and Inclusivity

Join us for a Circle of Healing with Faith Hunter as your guide.  This circle is designed to help new and experienced yoga teachers learn strategies of inclusivity, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identification, body type, etc. The workshop will include language (verbal & body), cues, and tools to encourage diversity and expand the reach of the practice. Be prepared to discuss your personal bias with openness, identify what keeps you separate, and dive into how and why students feel alienate.


Faith Hunter