Events, Workshops & Retreats

Creative and inspired offerings from the Church of Yoga Team to ignite your imagination and fire up your SPIRIT!


9 - 10am

  • FRI

Open Flow: Favorite Movie Soundtracks!

Join us to wake up on the right side of life + relive your favorite movie moments from The Titanic and Rocky to Saturday Night Fever and beyond!
This class is open to ALL
Suggested donation $15 – $20

Tara McKinney


Noon - 3pm

  • SAT

Fabulous First Aid: CPR Certification

Join us for a CPR Course hosted by Fabulous First Aid! This training will give you the confidence and knowledge to respond quickly and safely in an emergency. Learning first aid will help you know what to do for problems like chocking, unconsciousness, nose bleeds & cardiac arrest. Knowing CPR can help when someone’s heart or breathing has stopped. This knowledge can help you save someone’s life!

This trainings is open to All!

Cost $50.00

*To sign up follow the link. Click on November 10th and make an appointment at any time. Class will start at Noon at The Church of Yoga*



1 - 3pm

  • SUN

Hanumanasana, The God, The Glory, The Splits!

Join us for a weekend workshop exploring Hanumanasana.  Hanuman the Monkey God devoted to Lord Rama has solidified his space within yoga culture through pure faith. Splits mimic Hanuman’s famous leap from the southern tip of India to Sri Lanka a leap of Faith, you can take the leap too!!
This workshop is open to ALL
Suggested Donation $25.00

Zoe Shipley


1:00 - 3:00p

  • SUN

Heart Over Head, Flyshop with Victor Colletti

Join us for a fun afternoon of Fly with Victor Colletti from Laughing Lotus in NYC. An inversion is literally any time your heart is above your head… explore the dynamics of what it means to be bold and face fears in order to consciously put your heart above your head in this two-hour workshop, which explores yogic inversions and profound self-reflection. 
All levels are welcome! 
Suggested Donation $25